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Here we attempt to answer all your questions. We will add to this list over time, but should you think of anything that you can’t find the answer to here, please feel free to email us at Bunnies of London. We will always do our best to reassure you and ensure you make an informed decision about your escort experience.

Booking an escort is very easy. It’s choosing them that’s the difficult part. You can call the agency directly on the number provided, where you will get to speak with one of our very friendly receptionists. These receptionists are very helpful, and can often help you choose the right girl for you. They can also give you extra information that may not be on the website, based on their experience with the girl in question.

You can also send your booking via SMS text message, or via WhatsApp. We do provide email bookings too, but this is not always a quick way of getting the escort experience you want, since emails are not checked as regularly, and we get a lot of them (not just from clients!) Once you have booked, you will receive the details of your chosen escort’s location, or we will confirm your location and send the girl to you.

When it comes to discussions about escort services, there’s a very grey area. There are of course the basic services on offer: incall and outcall. Incall means you visit them, and outcall means they come to you. It couldn’t get much simpler than that could it? A dinner date means what is says, and an overnight means the same. If you have any more questions about these, contact Bunnies of London and we’ll do our best to help you.

When it comes to other services the escorts may offer, if we are aware of them, and the girl chooses to advertise them, they will be published on her profile. For example, you may be interested in escorts who wear uniforms, or escorts who enjoy deep French kissing (otherwise known as DFK escorts). However, as an agency, we can never guarantee that the girl will provide these services when the two of you meet. This is out of our control. When a girl lists her services with an agency, she is basically writing a list of things she likes to do with a partner. But if you consider for a moment that these girls are actually human beings, you will quickly realise that she may not want to do certain things with certain people. For example, not all women like to perform oral sex without a condom with all their sexual partners. Or alternatively, she may just not fancy if on that particular date. The reasons are endless of course, but what’s important to remember is that you should make it very clear with the girl you have chosen, what you would like to do together, before you pay any fees. This gives you the opportunity to leave should you wish.

Provided the girls have what you request, there is no reason you can’t request an outfit for your date together. The girls have a variety of different outfits they could wear, for a variety of different occasions. They have cocktail dresses, evening dresses, more casual wear, and many accessories. You can request high heels, or no heels, and even certain items of lingerie if you want. Again, we can’t guarantee anything, but we are always happy to put in the request for you and let you know what the girl can do. Some of the girls specialise in fetish services too, so they may well have some playful, sexy uniforms, leather and latex that they would like to show you. This is particularly so if they are specialist roleplay escorts.

The images in the gallery have been provided by the escorts we represent. We can’t guarantee how much they have been enhanced, although we do encourage the girls to keep quality and up to date images on their profiles. If we get reports about a girl not looking like her pictures, we contact her immediately, and if the issue is not resolved, we will remove her from the website. All the girls are aware of this, and we rarely have a problem.

We also like to publish a few “selfie” images whenever possible, as well as videos that show the girls in all their glory. It’s important to remember that these are incredibly beautiful London escorts, and you will not be disappointed.

An incall escort service is when you travel to your chosen escort’s apartment. They are all very easy to locate and access, and you will be given information about this when you confirm your booking.

An outcall escort service is when your chosen escort travels to your hotel or apartment in the area. You may need to make necessary arrangements at your hotel (depending on where you are staying). You can also invite the girls on an outcall to a restaurant or club, casino, bar, or special show or event.

Outcall bookings are always more expensive, and the price for outcalls is clearly published on the girls’ profiles. This increase is to cover their expenses and the time it takes them to get from one location to another.

However, this depends greatly on where your location is. If you want to book a girl from the other side of London, depending on the time of day or night you have booked her, it could take her much longer to get to you. These expenses have to be taken into account. The agency will inform you of any extra fees (if any) at the time of your booking, so there will never be any surprises. If a girl asks you for more money, you are not obliged to pay her. We would advise you to contact the agency if this happens.

You can take your escort anywhere within reason. Our clients mostly take their dates to restaurants, clubs, casinos and bars, and places like this. The girls love the theatre too, and other events and occasions. If you have any doubts or questions about where you can take them, it’s probably best to ask our receptionist at the time of booking, because these options may change from girl to girl. Generally speaking they are happy to accompany you anywhere, especially high end places. These are high class escorts, and they deserve to be treated that way.

Distance is also an issue, so if you plan to take them further than they would usually go, it’s best to check first.

It’s a little difficult to have a concrete policy on Coronavirus to be perfectly honest, since things are always changing. However, during the lockdown we did not operate as an escort agency, and no bookings were being taken, as advised be the government. The girls are advised to take regular lateral flow tests, encouraged to keep their apartments and facilities clean, and most importantly to be vaccinated. If they test positive for Covid, they follow the guidance on self isolation in the same way as everyone else does. They inform the agency that they are not taking bookings and we make a note of that and temporarily remove them from the website.

If you or anyone close to you tests positive for Covid, you must not book any of the girls at Bunnies of London. It’s irresponsible and potentially harmful to others. We will post any important updates regarding Coronavirus policy on our blog and in our newsletter.

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